Welcome to Al-Khair (HMD) Industries Pvt. Ltd

Al-Khair (HMD) Industries Pvt.Ltd, began its operations in 1993 for the manufacturing of Polyester buttons.It is now a leading button manufacturer and enjoys the distinction of being the top most brand of buttons in Pakistan.With a solid experience of more than 20 years in garment accessories,we are an established leader in the country.

In 1999, the company expanded its manufacturing facilities: Polyester Resin Plant was installed to provide the raw material for Button factory, and also to other consumers. Fabrication of Equipment, selection of machines and erection of the plant was done with the guidance of highly experienced and professional consultants. Al-Khair is the only company in Pakistan who uses its own produced raw materials for these production units.Further production increased with the manufacturing of entire range of zippers in 2003.

Looking at ever-growing demand of Composites, Al-Khair started offering a comprehensive range of thermosetting resins under the brand name ‘malikens ®’. These are highly effective resins for FRP composites because they have excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance properties. Specialty Unsaturated Polyester Resins are approved by Lloyd’s Register for use in constructions built under Lloyd’s Register’s survey. Read more….